Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Final Mouth Art Tool (F I N)

I made some refinements to the tool to have a more secure (brush/pen/pencil/etc.) holder. The mouth piece has also been angled for better ergonomics. For the time being, injection molded Polypropylene will be used. May need to use a better (but more $) material because I'm sure it's a good idea to mold the lock ring thread in PP. Many thanks to David Skinlo for material knowledge. David is a mechanical engineer in the medical device industry. Other materials suggested include PEEBAX, PEEK and PFA.

The product has been named "Fin"; due to its orca-like fish tail form.

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Anonymous said...
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DaveBrown1973 said...

Is this item for sale? I am trying to purchase such an item for my paralysed niece who loves to paint, it's perfect.