Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mouth Art Tool detail

...more details of the art tool. An aluminium sleeve is used where the brush/pen/pencil contacts the adapter to enhance durability. On the right is the drawing compass which inspired the locking concept.


Patrick Leite said...

Good day Woogle, My name is Patrick and visits its almost every day blog the search of new features. Taste very of that I see, and as student of industrial drawing I perceive its concern with materials for the comfort of the people with locomotion difficulties.

In one year I finish my course, I am thinking about some things for people with physical deficiencies, where I can find studies on these cases? Very obliged for everything.

Patrick Brazil Milk.

Woogle said...

Hope to hear more from you Patrick.

Nicola said...

Hi can you contact me at, and tell me as to were I can buy these...? My Mum wants top paint again after loosing the use of her arms, and this looks like a great way to solve the problem :O)