Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bombay Sapphire Project

Bombay Sapphire is synonymous with art & design collaborations. I was invited to design a martini glass for the Bombay Sapphire Celebrity Glass Exhibition.

The 'Emperor's Drink' is a fusion of east and west, inspired by the drinking bowl of ancient Chinese times. The bowl, representing the eastern element, would be served covered with a lid, keeping the drink pure, never contaminated by external elements. A cone-shaped cup, representing the western element, rests inside the bowl to contain the drink. The lid itself uniquely suspends an olive on the liquid. The entire ritual suggests the consumption of the beverage as a quality valuable experience.

The Emperor's Drink was exhibited with five glasses by:
Eugene Low (Bombshelter Studios), DJ Goldfish, Marion Rose Caunter (Channel [V] VJ, Khoon Hooi (fashion designer) and Karim Rashid.

Photos from the exhibition launch:

The exhibition space.

The first prototype of the Emperor's Drink.

Entry by DJ Goldfish, (Celebrity DJ) & Eugene Low, Bombshelter Studios, (design house).

Entry from Khoon Hooi (Fashion Designer) & Marion Rose Caunter, Channel (V) VJ.

Free-flow Bombay Sapphire (how many glasses can you take?)

Thanks to Eugene and Amir for this eye-opening collaboration.

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