Sunday, October 18, 2009

Design Circus Escapade : Bangkok

In mid-October, I joined Design Circus' Escapade to Bangkok for 5 days of activity visiting Thai designers, forums, exhibitions and also the Bangkok Design Festival 09. Participants of the trip were related to the design industry and education. We also buried ourselves in dialogues debating a lot on Malaysian design education [while snacking on a healthy dose of Thai food]. The following are the places/people/activity/exhibitions we touched.

The Museum of Siam and it's designer designLAB. [Combining interactive design & interior design to make history accessible and engaging to the public]

Apostrophy'S [Techno architects fusing new media with interiors, concert performances, events, exhibitions and products. Pictured here is Gyrobot from a range of robot insects made from electronic trash recycled from used lifestyle gadgets. ]

Practical Studio ["I am Thai Graphic Designer": A Directory of 1000+ Thai Graphic Designers which took a year to compile]

Design Circus Conversations: Designer Sensibilities [A forum between Malaysian & Thai designers sharing thoughts on design definitions, meanings and influences]

The screening of Objectified [Something I missed. Objectified documents the process and development of some of the most prominent products. The film is also available for DVD purchase online]

Coming soon.... "So who went for the trip?"

Featured here are only a fraction of their diverse works, please visit their respective homepage for a full experience of their portfolio.

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