Thursday, February 02, 2006

Big Foot wheelchair


wjen said...

nice concept.. like the organic shape of the seat, makes me wonder why little has been done to make the conventional wheelchair aesthetically more pleasing.

is this concept more suited towards children? or just having a child-like playfulness?

Jeannette said...

As neat as the idea is, unfortunately it's not completely sound. The front casters have to be far enough forward that they actually serve a purpose. With them this far back, the chair would tip forward easily, and backward. The caster assmeblies on chairs serve to balance the chair front so that it doesn't taip backward as easily (but this can be adjusted in a lot of chairs) as well as a balance point to prevent the chair from flipping forward. I've flipped forward a few times in my chair. Not a nice thing to happen.

nick lee said...

Hi there. i stumbled upon your design from core77. I really like ideas thus far, and i am proud to have a malaysian come up with such a design (i am in a related industry). You might want to take variability, independence and cost effectiveness into account (esp for malaysians w/ disabilities - who usually have to pay for these things themselves). please keep up the good concepts.
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big up KL!

Woogle said...

Hi, Jeannette,

My main concern was the wheelchair flipping back more than the front.
Also I was worried that if I place them too far forward, would steering be more difficult?

Thank you for your feedback.

ori said...

I would have liked to buy a wheelchair like that for myself.
So if you ever do produce a chair like this sell them also in Israel.

Abraham Weiss said...

would it be possible to add the flip arms on such a design? would a double amputee have trouble ,not tipping backwards? What would the weight limit be on such a design. Looks REALLY neat! Abraham