Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crutches: ...an Invitation to all visitors

Inviting designers, engineers, research scientist, doctors, artist, and all who is interested to participate in a collaboration project titled CRUTCHES.

Since antiquity humans have fashioned support devices to hold themselves up when they became sick or injured. Evidence of such devices dates to 2830 B.C. A carving on the entrance of an Egyptian tomb depicts a figure leaning on a crutchlike staff.
Crutch design has evolved from the basic "T" used by Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol, to aluminum braces with ice-gripping tips or energy-storing tips that function as shock absorbers—kind of like Air Jordans for the injured.
For lower-limb injuries, crutches remain useful today to decrease discomfort, reduce recovery time, and assist walking.

"Any ideas on how to design one that will benefit the user in a unique way?"

The initial step of the project involves establishing a network of interested people from across different disciplines. Then, applying each individuals skill and knowledge to produce a contribution to the project. A brainstorm will be mapped based on these and published; then will be developed into concepts. If you are interested please e-mail me your profile/background at:



Egilia said...

i like like to be a humble person like yourself and design not only aesthetically pleasing but function and main intent of products of humanity. i like to see this developed more and perhaps as you suggested in collaborative projects. I can see that OLED incorporated into this. Don't mind me. I'm a tech freak, so I have many suggestion, and you if you think its clever, why not improvise something neat. I'm sure bright LED are fine too, for those whom use these crutches at night-time to cross the street.

Egilia said...

That photo made me teared, I'll love to contribute here. I know we can have it made with carbon fiber base, but since its too expensive, its novel to have something biodegradable and inexpensive to mass produce. And handed out FREE to all the 3rd world countries as a GOOD CAUSE or CHARITY.