Sunday, July 02, 2006

Medium-Distance Tourer

I always had a thrill for speed and travel, it provides an excitement and a sense of freedom unlike any other. My next project involves developing a medium-distance tourer for people with lower limb disabilities. It will involve lightweight-structural technology (hydroformed thin-wall aluminium and carbon fibre are some possibilities) as well as the convenience of a rechargeable electric motor so flexible, it can be charged at any household 3-pin socket. As evident in the bicycle industry, low labour cost in China has led to very affordable carbon fibre products. So, to produce a strong, light weight equipment for the affordable is not a distant dream anymore.

It is important to provide efficient transportation solutions to people with disabilities. Not just for convenience, but to provide the freedom to go as far as they are able to both physically and psychologically. I leave it to you to intepret what this freedom of movement means to them./us.

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kerry said...

We are an international company secializing in providing rental services for special mobility needs at hotels, resorts, conventions, out door shows etc.I was intrigued by your concepts and wondered if any of those featured are currently in manufacturing.
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