Friday, October 16, 2009


Recently joined Design Circus on a trip to Bangkok for an exclusive to meet Thai designers. It also coincides with the Bangkok Design Festival, and everyone who went was in the Malaysian design & education scene. An experience rich with visual delight and dialogue, looking forward to the next one. I have only been to three or four countries, and I think I complain too much about things not happening in Malaysia. Government doesn't really endorse it, so waiting for change is a waste of time. I need more self-initiative and persistance. Design Circus is really inspiring because their activities have the potential to create a stir in the Malaysian design scene.

Working on a lamp based on Mooncake Festival Lanterns. I asked around and it seems that most children enjoy seeing the lanterns catch fire more than playing with it as a lantern :)

I'm working with Kelvin to bring this to live. Chinese clogs : They just don't die.

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