Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Rocking Crutch

This concept adapts a curved sole to produce a rocking movement when used. More surface contacts the ground to increase stability and grip. The curve also eases the task of going up and down stairs. Another major feature is the X-shaped underarm support designed to increase stiffness. The "Rocking Crutch" was designed with the image of modern sports equipment; to suggest it as a tool to enhance human physical ability. This is to break away from the stereotype impression that people with disabilities are lesser than abled people.

Comments welcomed: especially from crutch users.

Project done in collaboration with Tham Ming Yoong (Bachelor of Engineering- University of Birmingham)


BroknWing said...

It would be wonderful if you created this in a forearm crutch style...I see the benefit of the "foot" yet I couldn't use the traditional underarm style crutch for mobility. A lot of people with disabilities similar to mine could benefit from a forearm style of your Rocking Crutch.

Woogle said...

What determines the use of underarm or forearm crutches? Is it based on the severity of the disability?