Friday, June 02, 2006

Single-Handed Bottle opener

CALLING FOR IDEAS! If you are in a one-handed physical condition, how would you device something to open a mineral water bottle? Or how would you want to open it?

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siew eng said...

well, we shouldn't be encouraging consumption of bottled water--not environment-friendly, right? in any case, the state should be supplying clean water from the tap (like in developed countries). but assuming it's a tomato sauce bottle, then, how about a cap like that of a shampoo bottle? just a one-finger/thumb operation, in cooperation with the palm.

Wai Lam said...

Thanks for your comment Siew Eng! Palm + finger/thumb operation will be an interesting solution.

Anonymous said...

Its possible that one handed user uses other parts of their body to help in their daily activities.
Example; they may use their mouth to open the bottle.
Cheers :)

wai lam said...

I tried.. it almost broke my teeth.