Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pointing Stick

Pointing cane 3d realization. This is a follow up from the 'Cane for the Blind' project.
There are actually different categories of cane:

+ Long cane
+ Kiddie cane
+ Support cane
+ Identification cane

The pointing cane belongs to the Long Cane category, designed primarily as a mobility tool used to feel for obstacles.
It is an extension of the user's hand/finger, so rather than having a round nylon tip, how about a 'pointing finger'.

Here is a brainstorm sketch for the cane. The handle is angled so that there is less stress on the user's wrist. The tip of the cane is interchangeable: with a "pointing finger" or a "feeling hand".

This is a project involving the design of a cane for the blind navigator. Look out for details.

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Anonymous said...

Your invention sounds kind of very interesting !
My name is Jorge Jaimes; I'am in charge of an altruistic project called: "Blind awareness Project" in which the volunteers achive awareness trought a 5 sessions (48 to 72 hrs) of visual deprivation.
Whiled eyepatched, volunteers take rehabilitation instruction on braile, and white cane (among other instruction). It will be very interesting to test one of your canes on our project.